Baariz’s Oracle Cloud Consulting Services Practices offer a breadth of depth and skills not typically found in your average consulting firm. By beginning each project with your organization’s end goals in mind, Baariz’s Consultants will work with your team side-by-side to smoothly transition your organization to Oracle Cloud.

Have interest in Oracle Cloud and have queries? Baariz’s Cloud Consultants can evaluate your current application investments and map your requirements to Cloud capabilities.

Are you ready to move to Cloud? Baariz’s knowledge and experience will help you fast-track your implementation, avoid common mistakes, use proven Oracle best practices, and maximize the return on your Oracle Cloud investment.

Moved to Cloud and still un happy? Baariz’s Cloud Optimization Consultants can evaluate your current footprint, identify quick opportunities for improvement, and make long-term recommendations for maximum Oracle Cloud utilization and satisfaction.

“Today’s development shops are overrun with requests for enhancements and

Oracle Offerings

To simplify the complexities associated with Cloud Transformation and help you realize the full potential of cloud, Baariz’s Oracle offerings are intelligently designed to offer optimum results right from the beginning till every single step by leveraging our vast industry, Oracle application expertise.

Baariz’s dedicated COE with a treasure trove of industrial process knowledge and Oracle applications knowledge is applied to build Accelerators or Fast Track Kits to reduce time and efforts leading to overall cost reduction.

I. Solutions

a) Oracle CloudApplications (SaaS)
Spanning cloud solutions across Financial Management (FM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Manufacturing, Baariz offers innovative and integrated cloud solutions that help organizations overcome challenges related to data silos and outdated business processes. Our approach to implement optimal cloud solutions involve – early preparation and awareness by ensuring project readiness, designing validated project, and offering successful transition backed by training and solution demonstration.

b) Business Intelligence and Analytics
Empowering organizations gauge their business performance and drive decision-making process, we offer advisory services and dynamic BI and analytics solutions – that utilize extensive statistical analysis and feasibility study to recommend best suited products and offer explanatory and actionable data insights – not limited to basic charts or wizards. Baariz consultants and architects design analytical reporting solutions for clients by leveraging products like Tableau, Incorta, and Oracle’s PBCS, FCCS, and EPRCS.

c) Oracle E-Business Suite
Solutions offered under Oracle E-business Suite range from business planning, solution architecture, implementation and integration services, to managed services and other mission critical emergency response. These solutions help organizations achieve tangible business outcomes by management of PBCS, Human Capital (HCM), Finances (FM), Customer Relationship (CRM), and Supply Chain (SCM), and Manufacturing.

d) NetSuite
Implementation of this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System allows organizations gain real-time business visibility and automate processes, reducing the costs by up to 95%. Utilizing scalable cloud solutions to perform complex business processes and analyse real-time business data with the help of interactive reports, KPIs, and dashboards. Possessing expertise in offering transformative NetSuite solution, Baariz follows a complete life cycle to build, personalize, engage, utilize, and optimize seamless implementations across industries.

e) Oracle PaaS Development
Offering ready-to-use infrastructure and middleware components to customize and extend applications with seamless data exchange to Oracle cloud applications, Baariz enables customers to seamlessly build and manage their own applications for mobile and/or web. These services allow enabling modern technologies, like AI, IoT, Chatbots, and more to provide solutions for everyone – IT administrators, analysts, and end-users.

II. Services

a) Implementation
Baariz offers customer focused full cycle implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Solutions spanning business processes ranging from Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Financials, and Enterprise Performance Management. Ensuring quick and efficient implementation to increase business management, Baariz help organizations slash – time-to-market by around 40% and configuration efforts by around 60% thus increasing ROI.

b) Upgrade
Empowering customers take advantage of the latest Oracle release functionality, Baariz follows customized, phased approach for upgrade analysis and roadmap creation for seamless upgrades with minimal interruption to existing business operations. Increasing the upgrade efficiency and reducing the time to upgrade, Baariz runs automated test scripts. The upgrade services include technical, functional, and database version upgrades, BI and analytics tool upgrades.

c) Migration
Increasing business agility, Baariz provides rapid, and secure migration framework to migrate customer’s information either from Oracle EBS solution or a third-party cloud to a preferred destination to Oracle cloud or customer’s on-premises location. Combining solution capabilities with prebuilt and proven fast track migration scripts and Baariz expertise to plan, migrate, and validate – we offer smooth transition backed by advisory services to stay relevant going forward.

d) Support
Offering flexibility to choose the best service as per business needs, Baariz’s Oracle support services are mainly categorized into – dedicated, shared, and on-demand services.Having supported large mission critical Oracle projects with a proven track record of 100% SLA compliance, Baariz possess in-depth expertise in providing round the clock support for Oracle cloud ecosystem including Financial Cloud, HCM Cloud, SCM Cloud, CRM Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Procurement Cloud, and Analytics Cloud Applications.

e) Rollout
With extensive expertise in delivering country-specific rollout capabilities to leading customers across various industries, Baariz delivers scalable and proven rollout services to customers who wish to expand their locations, functions, and processes by retaining the original flavour of the initial implementation.

f) Training
Helping organizations improve efficiency and productivity of employees, we provide structured role-based training services to guide employees through ERP solution navigation and effective Oracle configuration handling. Baariz also conducts an Oracle application usage evaluation for the user community in order to analyse Oracle application navigation retentivity.

g) Quality Check
Offering implementation audit services, team of experts at Baariz engage in time-efficient, end-to-end quality checks for business processes, security, and control for Oracle Applications.

h) Managed Services
Optimizing your Oracle investments and increasing business agility, we offer complete range of managed services to monitor, manage, back up, and secure provisioned databases, infrastructure, applications, middleware, and applications.

i) Master Data Enrichment
Helping organizations harness the powerful features of Oracle solutions and create a future-state business model, we offer services to enrich and enhance data by adding additional information to leverage the best output from Oracle applications.

j) Business Consulting
Holding expertise in guiding customers across industries, certified Oracle consultants at Baariz’s rich domain industry experience brings the knowledge organizations need to accelerate transformation journey. Baariz consultants would identify and advice on the best possible business processes to reduce redundancy and improve operational efficiency.

Baariz oracle-cloud-technical-service

Baariz’s Cloud Technical Team will work with you to achieve a smoother implementation, a Cloud Solution that better meets your business requirements, and a higher level of satisfaction with your Production System. Baariz’s Team can assist with the following areas:

o Data Conversion

  • Leverage proprietary pre-defined templates for rapid, accurate conversion
  • Utilize Baariz’s PeopleSoft Legacy Data Conversion Extractor
  • Enhance system capabilities by converting historical data

o Advanced Reporting

  • Develop executive and operational dashboards that provide actionable information at a glance
  • Create complex reports where requirements cannot be met with drag-and-drop
  • Leverage data visualization tools to enhance workforce analytics

o Application Testing

  • Develop a strategic approach for testing of business processes after monthly patches and new releases
  • Reduce time and cost for testing of business processes after monthly patches and new releases by leveraging automated testing tools

o Application Integration

  • Create interfaces to and from third party systems
  • Leverage delivered Oracle Cloud APIs to streamline and modernize integrations
  • Use orchestrations to integrate external data into business processes

o Application Enhancement

  • Add workflow, approvals, notifications, and additional business rules to delivered business processes
  • Leverage personalization to add additional pages to the Oracle Cloud application or additional information to delivered pages
  • Leverage PaaS and Visual Builder to create bolt-on enhancements that are seamless and upgrade-safe Develop mobile applications for platform access on-demand

o Security

  • Integrate Oracle Cloud into your application ecosystem with federated Single Sign-on
  • Design Security architecture and implementation

Why Baariz Oracle Consulting Services?

Customers can benefit their business, from implementation to maintenance using Baariz Oracle Consulting Services as follows

1. Client-Focused Industry
There’s generally a fear of bringing external assistance due to potential loss of communication. This could be because many companies provide their services from a mixture of on-site and off-site means. However, a tech industry like Baariz consulting company generally put a lot of effort in ensuring a strong connection. Many services are provided on demand, with scheduling potentials to handle immediate issues. Our goal is to maintain a long-term relationship and are willing to go the extra mile to make it so.

2. Engagement in Your Success
Baariz Oracle consulting services are designed to help each business reach their respective goals by preparing the planning and implementation practices for systems management. It’s in our best interest to ensure these results in order to maintain the contract and continuing to demonstrate value sets a standard that avoids a plateau. Individual dedication from an external service means that your employees can focus on their jobs, maintaining a healthy workflow.

3. Expertise Matches the Budget
This is because each Baariz person dedicated to the client has been thoroughly trained and certified to a level of expertise to handle any small to large-sized business application. By budgeting accordingly, you’ll be able to locate your limitations on potential Baariz consulting services.