Supply Chain Risk and Fraudulent: Supply chain is backbone of any organization, it may be goods, financial or any other industry, Our solution identified the Risk Areas from supply chain also find out the fraudulent patterns from the data, also predict the Fraudulent and risk, We do believe in providing solution than stating the issues, here we provide the prescription method for the same.

AI Demand Sensing: Demand Sensing is very key role in any Supply chain, our solution leverages the Demand signals from Sales Inquiry, inventory, Promotions, Social media, Buying Pattern and sales behaviour of SKU’s and Accurately predict the Demand on SKU level. Our AI based Demand sensing helps, Improve the accuracy of Demand, identify fast moving SKU’s, proactively handle the long trail and the ability to manage the Fast fulfilment / Handling of sudden Demands

AI Procure: Buying is the Smart move in any organization, but the Question is what? When? From whom? Our Engine supports to take the decision along three important question and also taking care the total cost, and manage the Spend Performance, This will help in managing the Budget improvement, Saving hence contributing to Organization profitability and Cashflow, It also help in Budget Management.

Inventory Optimization: Robust IQ Engine provide the Holistic View of Inventory and shows the different scenario of inventory with the help of Inventory IQ Engine  also helps with Inventory Markdown when, what and how and provide the solution of inventory Management and inventory Distribution, Inventory solution will help organization to reduce the cost of distribution, Optimization of safety stock and maximize the gross margin of sales and buy and contribute to revenue growth

Credit Risk Management
Credit and product suggestion for existing customer
Warranty Management and prediction
Early failure and Mitigation analysis