Robotic Process Automation is fastest growing area in Enterprise Software. We do provide various services in RPA, while working with our clients we came realise that there are many organisations where leaders

1. Wants to try RPA out on a small number of processes before committing to buy a license

2. Don’t want to buy an RPA license outright

3. Only wants to consume pre-built RPA use cases

RaaS is solution to all above; RaaS is the placement of RPA in the cloud, which is why the delivery of RaaS is often referred to as being delivered by, “cloud robots.” RaaS includes internet-connected robots using cloud based, pay-as-you-go, computational and data storage resources. These “cloud robots” can be rented by users when and where they are needed. Service based solutions are becoming more common in the robotics sector, mainly due to high cost platforms hindering growth, or specialist service providers choosing to offer pre-built solutions to several customers over the cloud.

The subscriptions on cloud based, pay-as-you-go RaaS model affords organisations the flexibility to adjust their spend on robots and services as they can increase or decrease their usage as they see fit. This would not be the case if they were to purchase the solution (RPA licenses) outright themselves. Not only is this model more flexible, it is also the RaaS provider’s responsibility to schedule, orchestrate, maintain and integrate the Robot with users’ databases, making this model far easier for end-users to implement and maintain.

Baariz’s Robot as a Service (RaaS) solution allows clients to consume Intelligent Robots without committing to annual license subscription of RPA platforms.

Baariz’s unique RaaS offerings
1. Local presence with deep understanding of local market
2. Standardized robotic processes
3. Certified knowledge experts for maintenance and customization as per your business needs
4. Competitive prices