SAP Global Rollout

Expansion, operational transitioning, merger, acquisition and divestment activities gain a key importance in upstream business. Our rollout methodology is based on a combination of SAP standard tools such as Solution Manager, as well as tools and templates developed in-house to accelerate the rollout process.

Elements of SAP Rollouts

  • Benefits
  • Process Standardization
  • Process modelling
  • Template Creation
  • Local Process modelling
  • Merge Global & Local Processes

With our thorough experience, Baariz Technology Solutions has developed a set of methodologies and tools that allow us to carry out a highly efficient SAP rollout service, tailored to unique business requirements. Expansion of business in new emerging market is a trend across corporate environment. This exposes the organizations to the challenges of harmonizing the existing business processes across geographies while maximizing the benefits of local practices. SAP Rollouts deliver a global template solution addressing these very needs.