Baariz SAP On Azure Offerings:

SAP systems deployment on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines offers a comprehensive, organized and quick to deploy solution on a secure cloud infrastructure platform

SAP, a business-critical ERP is deployed on Microsoft Azure using the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering.

In IaaS deployment options for SAP, the SAP systems can be deployed on Microsoft Azure as follows:

  • Microsoft Azure only: Deployment of SAP systems is not connected to your on-premises domain. SAP systems are not part of operational procedures within the rest of the SAP landscape.
  • Hybrid-IT deployments: The on-premises domain is extended to Microsoft Azure. SAP systems in Microsoft Azure are fully integrated with on-premises operational procedures and processes.

Microsoft Azure enables customers to run SAP applications, databases, platforms, and workloads using the cloud. The SAP customers can quickly build, deploy, manage and scale SAP applications, enabling them to respond faster to changing business needs.

Baariz has successfully deployed SAP systems on Microsoft Azure in Qatar. This deployment offered a redundant, flexible and extremely scalable solution

Engage users, increase productivity, and reduce IT costs with the seamless integration of SAP systems on Microsoft Azure as an IaaS offering


Organizations can free the on-premises data center capacity by moving the SAP workload to Microsoft Azure without up-front investment. Since the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) that contains the OS runs with the same name as that of the on-premises system, organizations can easily move Azure deployments back to the on-premises data center.


With Microsoft Azure, quickly provision and roll out infrastructure for SAP workloads within minutes. Azure facilitates deployment by allowing users to instantly self-provision the infrastructure they need without waiting for support from procurement, hardware, or IT.


Total cost of ownership is reduced through lower power requirements, cheaper storage, more economical management, and easier deployment. With Microsoft Azure, the user only pays for the compute, storage, and network resources that the SAP application actually uses. This flexible, cost-effective, hybrid deployments of on-premises and cloud storage (including private cloud), with readily adjusted online payment services help gain an optimized system performance.


SAP data backups stored in Microsoft Azure benefit from Azure built-in geo-redundancy and high services levels, and can be restored to an Azure VM for fast recovery from onsite outages. Data is replicated asynchronously in Azure improving Disaster Recovery (DR) and speeding up the backup process.


Azure offers a quick, easy and instantaneous adaptability to meet the increased workloads and the changing business needs.


Microsoft Azure guarantees secure round the clock, anytime, anywhere, on any device SAP data availability with reduced downtimes.


Support agreement for SAP solutions and database on Microsoft Azure

Managed SAP on Azure
SAP to Azure migration is a proven cloud solution, built by Microsoft, to deliver the benefits of the cloud to enterprises of all shapes and sizes. It’s open, flexible, and an enterprise-grade cloud computing platform that’s secure and protects your data. It’s used by many major global enterprises to run their SAP environments.
Our services can be delivered standalone or in conjunction with others, depending upon the stage of your cloud journey and your specific goals and challenges.

Handle transactions and analytics in-memory on a single data copy to accelerate your business processes, gain business intelligence and simplify your IT environment. SAP HANA on Azure offers: On-demand M-series virtual machines certified for SAP HANA with scale up.

How can Baariz Help?

We work with you to understand your needs and define the most efficient approach to migrating your SAP systems to the cloud.

Best practices
We leverage reference architectures and best practices from our past projects, validated by our partners, to deliver the most suitable SAP on Azure architecture. This approach allows us to move your SAP systems to the cloud in a faster, more secure, and – most importantly – a trusted way.

As your single point of contact, we not only take ownership of your migration journey to the cloud, but we also continue to support you in the efficient and effective operation of the environment with proactive, reactive and innovative services.

Get a first impression of a migration to S/4 HANA running on the Azure cloud with our ‘try before you buy’ fixed-price evaluation service. Check out with Baariz Team.

Why choose Baariz?

  • We are your trusted cloud advisor
  • We take a proven, agile, structured approach
  • We collaborate closely with your team
  • Certified SAP on Azure professional
  • We walk the talk, meaning we always deliver SAP on Azure solutions that work!