SAP Value Discovery

Baariz Technology Solutions has conducted such value discovery exercises in different organizations at different levels and help to bring improvements right form transactional benefits till information to senior management and even beyond to server the customers.

Mobility Services

Baariz Technology Solutions Enterprise Mobility service offerings are designed to help enterprises to create not only a proper strategy and roadmap around enterprise mobile computing, but also handle the specialized development, testing and production rollouts that such solutions require.

Enterprises can take advantage of Baariz Technology Solutions mobility offerings, cost effective Global Development Model, and rich partner network as a way to rapidly create prototypes, develop robust solutions and quickly launch new enterprise mobility solutions.

Our core Mobility service offerings span the full lifecycle of what is required to take a mobile solution from Concept-to-Rollout in an accelerated fashion.

Mobility Architecture and Development – draws on our deep mobile device expertise to develop native or cross-platform applications and quickly create mobile solutions. In addition, our Mobile Enterprise Solution Framework and other industry standard accelerators can significantly reduce the time needed to launch an enterprise mobile solution.

Mobility Solution Assurance – reduces the risk of launching an enterprise mobile platform solution by ensuring application of critical quality controls, including a portability testing strategy, multi-device verification plan, proper performance and scalability testing and an overall deployment strategy and launch plan.